Do you need computer software?

Over the years I have made several computer programs for very diverse purposes. In all cases the programs have been inspired by specific needs of my self or my friends.

I am not a professionel computer programmer, but a fairly competent amateur more focussed on resolving a specific problem that of creating elegant, sophisticated software solutions.

Today, thanks to very potent PC's on everyones desktop, one can get away with less optimal solutions and still achieve fairly usable programs.

Professionals may find my programs a bit primitive, which I am not too worried about - as long as the programs do what I need them to do.

I hope that also you may find one or more of the programs useful...

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My philosophy...

I have realised a long time ago that making computer programs is not going to make me rich.

As a consequence I have put all my programs in the public domain in the hope that others may find the programs useful.

In return I expect that users take the time to report back to me when they encounter a bug or find that my solution is not optimal.

It is interesting for me to learn what other people think about the programs and useful for other users to have bugs killed as soon as possible.

Should you have an idea for another computer program please let me know. I cannot guarantee that I will drop everything and start writing the code right away. But if your idea is good I will give your input a thorough consideration and may even write the application.
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